Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Discussion Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Discussion - Case Study Example In asexual reproduction, new organisms develop from a cell or cells of the parent without the fusion of nuclei in processes such as binary fission, budding and sporulation. In sexual reproduction, there is the production of specialized sex cells/gametes and the fusion of their nuclei to produce a fertilized egg cell. Metabolism is the sum of the physiological processes by which an organism maintains life. These processes produce energy which is used by the body to build up new cells and tissues; provide heat and engage in physical activities (Barnhart, 1986).. Response to stimuli is a situation in which the body or a part of the body is excited to transmit an impulse along a nerve, moving a muscle or increasing the heart beat rate. Reproduction is shared by all things that are alive as they all either reproduce sexually or asexually. It is important for the continuation of life among the living organisms. The outcome of a chicken farmer who allowed her best egg-laying chickens but not the poor producers to reproduce was is an example of artificial selection. This is because he modified the process of natural selection in the chickens by only choosing the best ones. This led to the increase in the egg production over the

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