Thursday, October 17, 2019

Effective communication among nurses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Effective communication among nurses - Assignment Example It is evident from the study that effective communication among nurses ensures proper understanding, avoidance of medical mishaps, as well as excellent performance of their duties. Based on the fact that nursing is collaborative, efficient communication among the various parties including patients, doctors and nurses cannot be unnoticed. In addition to prevention of health misapprehension, valuable nursing communication ensures customer satisfaction and trust. During their communication nurses should be specific. This implies that a nurse should converse essential information to other nurses, patients and doctors. In the same way, nurses should accurately respond to the questions from patients and other personnel. The primary benefit of effective communication among nurses is satisfaction of patients and perfection of health care system. Due to the wide range of duties that nurses undertake, it is paramount to emulate delegation of duties in order to improve nurse’s performanc e, as well as maximize the available human resources. During the delegation of duties, senior nurses should consider the abilities and the skills possessed by the assistant nurses. To ensure that the assistant nurses have the ability to deal with patients vital signs, nursing ethics depicts that senior nurses must provide that the results of the delegated duties are compliant with the nursing standards. In the same way, it is vital for nurses to make sure that individuals whom duties are delegated to follows the instructions as outlined. Supervision and support of the assistant nurses are other key requirements of the nursing ethics during delegation of duties. One of the major benefits of delegating duties to assistant nurses is that it enables registered nurses to undertake appropriately tasks that cannot be devolved. Even though, at the initial stages the time saved through delegation may not be reasonable, the gradual improvement of skills by the assistant nurses makes the saved time to be significant in the long-term. It is vital to note that rather than undertaking many nursing duties in an ineffective manner, nurses should focus on doing few tasks in an excellent way. In cases where the number of patients requiring closer attention is high, delegation of nursing duties ensures that every patient is effectively addressed. Through delegation, consultation among the nurses is attained, thus, leading to an effective communication system. Strategic planning To meet the needs of a nursing facility, it is imperative for managers to have an attainable vision. Additionally, managers should emulate strategic plans that are focused on attaining organizational goals within 2-5 years. Through development of a mission statement, an organisation gives the public and government authorities the actual picture of why it exists. In this regard, it is vital for managers to seek the input of other nurses in the review of vision and mission statement in case they are outdate d. Environmental assessment is a major step in strategic planning. This entails assessing the demographic profile of other workers, as well as members of the public served by the nursing facility. To make the services provided by the care centre relevant and attainable, hospital management team should take into

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