Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Family Connections Of Lane And Douglas Counties Research Paper

Family Connections Of Lane And Douglas Counties - Research Paper Example This is partly due to the little funds that they receive from donors. They should update their website, which is somehow not user-friendly (Source 5). Moreover, the organization is so relevant to the community and people must be aware of its services. This is the only way the company will maintain its business.C. Audiences i. Label and describe at least two audiences - include at least two basic demographic stats.Parents: Parents with younger kids who require assistance can seek child care services which are not only compatible with their schedule but are also of good quality. There is all the needed information that the parents can require on the website. This includes registry and some other links to extra information. Besides, consultant meets with parents so as to provide them with information concerning how to choose a childcare service plus any other prior information which might be needed. Child Providers: the organization assists child care providers to achieve the desired bo nd between them and the people who are seeking child care. Millions of children between 4 to 6 years old are in a childcare setting, of one kind or another, every week. Through meetings, the organization presents advice and link child providers with potential childcare seekers. They advise them on how to get involved. The corporation associated with child providers who are capable of bringing quality to its work and who are harmless and dependable for the kids they are taking care of.

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