Friday, October 4, 2019

Xerox corporation swas analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Xerox corporation swas analysis - Essay Example With new technology and service offerings for office and production environments, including affordable color printing for businesses of any size, Xerox's revenue growth strategy could be aligned around creating new opportunities to expand its share of the $102 billion document market. The transition from offset presses to digital systems would also be a catalyst in improving profit margins for the company without adding new products. If a fraction of the company's revenue is invested in research and development each year, it would be possible for Xerox to create the industry's broadest portfolio of document management technology and services. With the available expertise and experience in the filed of copiers, the company can plan to launch world class new systems in color and black-and-white digital presses, production copier/printers, office multifunction systems and printers. Thus, using the existing expertise in manufacturing copiers, it would become possible to tap new opportunities and take on the digital revolution without any significant investment on the company's part. Xerox Corp's Turnaround Strategy (2004) What Went Wrong, [electronic version] Retrieved 10 February 2008,from icmrindia's website: Value-added services including consulting, imaging and content management for businesses small to large. By integrating Xerox's document management services with better technology and improved productivity, work processes could be simplified. Value added-services, which could include consulting, imaging and content management for businesses of any size, would be an additional source of income for the company. Provision of consulting, imaging and content management is a niche area. With the digital revolution growing manifold by the day, this is the right time to exploit the potential of providing such services. Many companies prefer to outsource such jobs to experts in the field; thus, Xerox could be a service provider to such companies. Xerox-Annual Report, (2005) Retrieved 10 February, 2008,from Xerox websites: Xerox's unparalleled innovation in color technology and MFDs With Xerox's expertise of over 60 years in the field of manufacturing copiers, it would be relatively easy to come out with new age color printers and multifunction devices like copier-scanner-printers. There is a growing demand for such copiers in the market. The revenue from the launch of such products is expected to grow by 20 percent on an annualized basis. As the revenue per color page is approximately five times higher than the revenue per black-and-white page, there is a significant opportunity to be tapped in this market. With about 3

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