Sunday, October 6, 2019

Understanding Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Understanding Management - Essay Example A close analysis of the design, fabrication, and assembly departments reveals that the workers have exhibited mixed reactions towards the new system adopted. This paper will critically analyse the management theories applied in each department. Workers in the design department have made it clear that their job description involves a high level of creativity and complexity. Therefore, the employees feel that the performance related pay system does not compensate them appropriately. Since they apply their creativity in their daily activities, they have the conviction that such talent deserves proper recognition and rewards. In addition, the employees have highlighted that the products of their creativity should be considered as their intellectual capital (Markert 2008, p. 41). Unfortunately, the company has been against this idea. In the view of the management team, all the creations of the design produced by the department staff members remain to be the property of the company as long as such individuals are staff employees to the company. Although the company management is unwilling to consider the issues raised by the employees in this department, they do not consider replacing the staff members. The management team is we ll aware that employees with the level of talent required are rare. The board members have tried negotiation with the professional staff members without any success (Zgarrick 2012, p. 67). The professional work-based assessors have made it clear that the payment and reward system adopted by the company has negative effects on the quality of the designs. The assessors suggest that the company should hire the staff members as consultants and not full-time staff members. The management approaches used by LIPC Company reveals that the classical management theory is in place. The classical management theory focuses on proper organization in an effort to register increased productivity. Usually, the

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