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Sustainable Tourism And Destination Management Management Essay

Sustainable Tourism And Destination Management Management Essay Despite of difficult economic circumstances, tourism industry is still growing especially after a long period economies began to show recovery from the recession. This growth in tourism industry show a figure of 3% to 6% of growth where this range depends on destinations. But there are some negative aspect of tourism which must be taken into account, as the tourism industry growing rapidly, the affect of this growth can be felt on the remaining biologically habitats which are very diverse together with the traditional culture of some of some place where tourism is often very well perceived and supported . Sustainable tourism is an advance form of tourism industry which ensures that environment and local culture must not be affected by the tourism and kept in their original shape as far as possible but together with this sustainable tourism industry understand the role of tourism as means to provide employment to number of people and its role in economic growth. The concept of sustainable tourism mustnt be confused with eco tourism which is different than sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism ensure that sustainable development lead to leaving an overall positive impact on everyone whether its tourism, tourism organization or local residents. I have chosen Brighton Hove, one of prime tourist spot in United Kingdom, as a sustainable city as it was ranked as most sustainable city in UK twice by forum of the future based on number of criteria such as Environmental Impact as name suggest, criteria for assessment were regarding pollution level and effective use of resource. Quality of Life standard of human life in terms availability of education, health etc Future-Proofing the commitment of city towards a more sustainable future through addressing the key issues of changes in climate, preservation of biodiversity and recycling. Brighton Hove was judged second for future-proofing and third for quality of life. Currently valued at over  £407m, the Tourism Economy has to grow in real terms to help the City and its residents benefit. But with nearly 60% of that money coming from just 17% of our visitors, we have to be focussed and targeted on attracting visitors that truly benefit the local area. How the destination has been planned and developed to achieve sustainability, including identification and actions to correct any areas of un-sustainability. The sustainable development in brighten based on basic framework develop by sustainable development commission known as one future different path sustainable development framework which is based five principles of sustainable development. Living within environmental limits Ensuring a strong, healthy and just society Achieving a sustainable economy Using sound science responsibly Promoting good governance The major initiatives to make Brighton a sustainable city for tourism especially regarding protecting environment were taken by the council of brighten by implementing sustainable environmental management system in order to comply and fully to the international standard organization ISO 4001 and BS 9010. There were several projects on achieving sustainability objective were taken in the past and or currently taken by council of Brighton to achieve sustainability in Brighton Hove as it will start with the creation of Sustainable development commission with its framework providing basic guide to achieve sustaibilitity. The areas which are more important to achieve sustainability include the use of thirteen indicators by friends of future to evaluate the British cities in terms of sustainability. Reducing our carbon emissions: The council of Brighton Hove is firmly committed to reduce common emission in the city of Brighton and provide a leadership to its people, businesses in order to reach at a destination of being known as a city of low carbon emission and in order to achieve this very important goal the citys council which run management of city entered into a partnership (known as carbon trusts local authority carbon management programme.) following the development of its comprehensive action plan known as 2006 climate change action plan. This council has firm commitment to reduce its carbon emission by an estimate average of at least 4% in each year to achieve its target of reducing it by 20% till the year 2012. The councils carbon footprint: The carbon footprint measures the emission of carbon from those buildings, vehicle and electricity usage such as street lights which are in under the direct control of the Brighton Hove council. The council of Brighton sign a 10:10 campaign which makes it necessary for council to reduce carbon emission by further 10% together with its five years plan of reducing emission up to 20%. This possible reduction was achieved through a number of factors such as achieving more efficient use of energy together creating an environment across the city which is aware of drawback of high carbon emission etc. Climate change program: The  Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change which shows the council attitude and commitment towards the climate was duly sign by Brighton Hove council in 2004. And with the signing of this declaration the Brighton Hove council prepare a plan to address the key root cause for the change climate. Council contribute in this national program which address the key issue of climate change with the help of its people together with making effective plan to reduce the emissions in each and every area which encourage the local population to reduce their own emission through following the minor changes in operations. Environmental education: The council of Brighton Hoves has not restricted itself on putting itself in a position by a being a sustainable tourist city now but they have invested heavily on making efforts to make Brighton Hove a long term sustainable city and therefore the strategies followed by council include the include the environmental education as key part of its overall sustainable strategy. Fair trade: The fair trade is based on concept that people who are producing some products such as tea are living in extreme poverty because these products are sold without considering any steps to improve the poverty level in these areas and therefore those organization which promote fair trade and committed to its objectives are basically agreeing on payment of price which not only the give and satisfy the producing countrys basic need and cost but also paying an extra money which will be used for the betterment of the lives and working conditions of people employed by producer. The Fair-trade organizations buying the products agree to pay a fair price that covers producers basic needs, costs of production, and is guaranteed to be more than the world price, with the extra money used by workers to improve their living and working conditions. Under the objective of achieving fair trade in brighten and hove, the council of Brighton Hove made five goals which are made up of following elements. First stage is recognition of fair trade as issue together with commitment from management individual parts of city represented by their councilors to promote, support fair trade by passing a resolutions in council and include other provision such as present of products from fair trade organization in the local grocery shops or other related business establishment while work places should promote the fair trade products by using them in their workplace And a campaign to catch the attention of people on promotions of these product through media and other channels. Above all the commitment to continue maintaining status of fair trade city by provision of group which look after fair trade policies and their compliance Brighton Hove has recognized as fair-trade city in the year of 2004 which shows the citys commitment through adaption and implementation of policies which promote sustainability in the city. Food strategy: An partnership know as Brighton Hove food partnership was formed by the council in the year of 2003 with taking people from city including representatives from community group, key organization in order to improve the process of growing food, transporting together with buying and access to food and related problems are addressed. Plastic bags: Though plastic are not legally banned but Brighton Hove council understand the importance of having restricted use of these plastic bags in order to achieve more sustainable environment and therefore have encourage its people and business on not using of plastic but instead using alternatives. The policies adapted by brighten to reduce the negative environmental impact of tourism by encouraging sustainability through following above policies. Though brighten and hove is ranked as number sustainable city of United Kingdom in 2009 but still the city have very bad ecological footprint however the city has shown improvement in the ecological footprint by reducing it 8.5% but still it need more hard work as Brighton is ranked on 15th position by forum for the future in its environmental foot print. But the charity which issues this ranking is now fully acknowledging the fact that council of brighten and hove is moving in the right direction and improving its ecological foot print specifically and its environmental foot print in general to achieve an improved ranking in this regard as well. How the destination has been and is being managed to achieve sustainability. Brighton Hove, as the matter of the fact ranked as most sustainable city in United Kingdom which shows that council and management of the city is fully aware of the issues regarding sustainability and taking active measure to improve sustainability with all regards in the city of brighten and hove. The city has taken a number steps in order to improve sustainability in past and also continuously working in order to improve sustainability future as well. The city entered into 10:10 campaign by which it show its commitment of reducing its carbon emission and in order to achieve that council have made an comprehensive plan on strategy for management of carbon and its implementation in the year of 2007 which is five year plan contain information of current carbon footprint of the city council and its strategy on carbon management and include a number of projects which are design to achieve an aim of reducing carbon emission. Though the brighten has improve its environmental impact in recent years such as improving its air quality together with improving its food measures etc but its performance on quality of life and future proofing were the key area of sustainability where council of Brighton Hove have done significantly in past years and which are recognize by forum for the future but there are other areas where management of city of Brighton Hove i. e council is taking serious step in order to improve its performance are regarding the environmental impact and few of the development occurring in this area are briefly define in previous paragraphs includes investment in environmental education etc. There are number of issues which can be considering under the umbrella of environmental education includes some of the following: Creating a awareness among public on each minor issues which together make a long term impact and make a city unsustainable include for example litter awareness as one of the example under which council have tried to convince people on how litter can affect the wildlife and other peoples health and safety together with an information on amount of money council has to incur in order get rid of this other policies regarding environmental education are based on creating awareness on anti vandalism, waste management and promotion of recycling, initiating trend to promote use of products which are environment friendly. If we assess the current environmental performance of Brighton Hove it can be seen that though the council of city has perform well in terms of achieving sustainability but there are other areas where the need for improvement is genuinely felt. During the year the waste collection per head was improved and reaches up to level which can be said as good. But brighten and hove council is currently not up to the desire level in terms of air and water quality where there is need for improvement is felt by council and subsequently responded and hopefully on next year there would be scores for Brighton Hooves. Brighten and hoves council have an effective sustainability policy on public transport, park providing green space for residents, all for necessities for a healthy life expectancy of its residents and opportunities for residents to high quality education. The council of Brighton and hove have firm commitment towards improvement of its carbon emission and have taken step towards reduction of negative impact on climate together with providing more green space to its people and promote and preserve biodiversity and encourage business to go more green. The priority for the council of Brighton Hove in order to achieve and make Brighton Hove as most sustainable tourist destination are focus on implementing a sustainable transport system, efficient use of resource and protection of environment and together with achieving economic growth and promote Brighton Hove as prime tourist place in the United Kingdom. The goal for brighten and hove city set the council would be achieve through implementing above policies and ensuring that the council achieve its important strategic goals and contribute its share in the UK sustainable development strategy. The south east of UK is the most affluent region and the fact brighten and hove as a city lies in that region is evident from the fact that brighten and hove have achieve significant success in maintaining quality of life but Brighton Hove council understand need to take much steps towards improving its environmental impact and also improving its bio diversity together with supporting green business. Brighten being a wealthier city share the trend together with two other cities of being more concern and therefore taken some practical steps towards achieving sustainability as a city. This trend can be seen from the fact that green party has taken majority of votes 22% in 2005 general election from Brighton which is its best ever performance. Conclusion: Brighton Hove is a city of UK which has consistently proven itself to be real sustainable tourist city through its planning and sustainable development policies but still there are area where Brighton Hove council have to work in order to make themselves less carbon emission city and not only these efforts will raise more revenue from tourist but these measures ensure that Brighton Hove is best place to live for its residents. Although we can the commitment of top leaders of Brighton Hove council towards making serious efforts in order to improve the environmental effect and make Brighton a sustainable city in the world not only in United Kingdom but the management of council need to understand and face the key challenge of translating these future aims and goal regarding sustainability into meaningful and achievable with measureable targets and make strategies which are fully focused on achieving these short targets. The leaders at Brighton Hove council should provide leadershi p in order to achieve long sustainable objectives. Bibliography and reference: Carder, Timothy (1990). The Encyclopedia of Brighton. S.127 East Sussex County Libraries Mawer, A. and F.M. Stenton, The Place-Names of Sussex, Part II, Cambridge 1930, p. 291. Climate Change Action Plan for Brighton Hove (December 2006) Brighton Hove council CITY OF BRIGHTON HOVE 2008/2018: A REFRESHED STRATEGY FOR THE VISITOR ECONOMY. Brighton Hove council The sustainable cities index, 2009 : ranking the largest 20 British cities. Forum for the future 2009 CITIES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: LESSONS AND EXPERIENCES FROM ASIA AND THE PACIFIC Available at (Last Access 10th August 2010)

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