Monday, October 7, 2019

Critq. of 2 current medical dictionary's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critq. of 2 current medical dictionary's - Essay Example dictionary contains the latest of the medical terms and the definitions provided are quite easy to understand even by layman as they are written in simple English and since many include examples, it becomes easy to correlate the meanings. The definitions are accurate and also include pronunciation phonetics along with singular/plural forms. Abbreviations have been provided so as the definitions do not exceed over pages! Etymologies or word origins of many words have been provided as well, as many of the medical terms have Latin origin, for further understanding and ease of memorizing the word. For example, if we know that â€Å"logy† means study, and â€Å"cardio† means pertaining to heart, then we can understand that cardiology is the study of the heart. Many terms also have certain statements in color, which bring attention of the user to special considerations that ought to be noted during practice. This is especially helpful as they work as tips, and are sometimes n ot even included in textbooks. In addition, a new section containing 100 most frequently prescribed drugs have been compiled. Some of the information is available in tabulated form for better correlation and a methodical approach to certain terms. A great feature of the hardcover edition, the one that I reviewed is that it contains a section containing various diseases along with their symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, which can come very handy for medical students. Another great point about this dictionary is that it prints synonyms for the various medical terms, which are useful for correlating various medical problems. The appendix included information regarding complementary and alternative medicine, prefixes/suffixes. There are more than 700 illustrations and 500 color pictures, according to Amazon, which has given this book a rating of four and a half stars! The illustrations include colored and labeled diagrams, pictures and charts, and are definitely very informative and o f superb quality.

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