Friday, November 1, 2019

Maintaining Cultural Diversity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Maintaining Cultural Diversity - Assignment Example Solutions and further recommendations strive to maintain responsibility to diversification training and core competencies of staff and management. Recommendations include training establishment, delivery and analysis with time specific goals to Landbroke plc Board with specific methods to overcome language barriers throughout the company. This implementation includes time sensitive deliverables and analysis regarding training with future ideas and implications inside the company's diverse workforce. Ladbrokes plc was formerly Hilton Group until February 2006, when the company sold its European rights to the Hilton Group namesake to Hilton Hotels USA for 5.7 billion, and there launched into a full gambling experience. This facility manages exclusive online bets in the European sector by brokering gambling bets and making odds over the phone and through their two-thousand strong bookmaking shops in Europe. This includes traditional sports and casino gambling to online gambling, and will even make odds and accept bets on politics (Hoovers Inc 2006). Ladbrokes plc maintains that: As a standalone company Ladbrokes will expand its business by building on its brand leadership, its ability to innovate and the experience and expertise of its management team and 14,000 employees (Ladbrokes plc 2006). In the consultant domain, special consideration to the company's fast growth will be taken to provide operational assistance training. In accordance with consultation Penn Venture operational assistance service definition, this consultation will include "Distinct skills training for a concern's executives that is directly related to the management and operations of the concern and that provides skills in areas where the concern's management lacks background or experience" (Vovakes 2004). Problem Identification The objectives of this consultation are to provide distinguished services for the company's primary concerns within the operational assistance domain. This aims to improve the viability of training resources while lowering costs of resources, with a particular focus on training within demographic diversification. The training and service recommendations will be conducted privately to Ladbrokes Board of Corporate Governance. The scope of the commissioned work is to divulge information on demographic constructs, diversity and ethical training, this will extends to the overall business and not to specific shops unless requested by the Board. The information utilized is Ladbroke's Staff Council and their diversity data as well as national standards for diversity. Currently, Ladbroke's diversification is much higher than the UK average, as noted in Chart 1.0, Appendices A in accordance with the diversity of Ladbrokes, the company also boasts a 32 percentile of internal

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