Monday, September 9, 2019

The Step in the Design of Effective Teaching and Learning Programs Essay

The Step in the Design of Effective Teaching and Learning Programs - Essay Example Assessment that enhances learning recognizes that learners use their current understanding to discover, develop and incorporate new knowledge, understanding and skills. Assessment for learning helps teachers and students to know if that current understanding is a suitable basis for future learning. assessment influence student learning and learning processes. This involves using assessment activities to clarify student understanding of concepts and planning ways to remedy misconceptions and promote deeper understanding. Assessment for learning encourages self-assessment and peer assessment. Students can develop and use a range of strategies to actively monitor and evaluate their own learning and the learning strategies they use. The feedback that students receive from completing assessment activities will help teachers and students decide whether they are ready for the next phase of learning or whether they need further learning experiences to consolidate their knowledge, understanding and skills. Teachers should consider the effect that assessment and feedback have on student motivation and self-esteem, and the importance of the active involvement of students in their own learning. Marking guidelines and/or criteria for judging performance reflect the nature and intention of the activity and will be expressed in terms of the knowledge and skills demanded by the activity relative to the outcomes, to be gathered and reported of a poster evaluation sheet. During the teaching-learning experiences leading to the presentation of their poster, students will receive oral and/or teacher feedback in relation to: The aim of feedback is to communicate to students how well their knowledge, understanding and skills are developing in relation to the outcomes. Feedback enables students to recognize their strengths and areas for  development and to plan with their teacher the next steps in their learning. They are then given opportunities to improve and further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.

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