Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Comments on 2 posts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Comments on 2 posts - Essay Example No doubt, it was the American talent for innovation that assured its victory. The US panache for innovation extended from the big technological fundamentals to the small things. While the American scientists scored the heights of innovation by coming out with RADAR and the Nuclear Bomb, just in time, in the Midwest, the American children picked milkweed pods, which were used to stuff life jackets. 2 The most important factor that led to the demise of Hitler on the Eastern Front was his gross underestimation of the Soviet grit and the Russian winter.3 While the Germans made rapid advances in the beginning, come the Russian winter, and they were bogged in the snow ridden and mercilessly hostile Russian landscape. In the mean time, the Russians stretched themselves to the edge, to rearm, recruit and upgrade their defense, irrespective of the enormous losses they suffered. The allied pressure in the West and the Soviet perseverance on the Eastern Front eventually decimated and demoralized the Nazi

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