Friday, September 27, 2019

Ineffective Communication in the Business at Elite Fashion House Case Study

Ineffective Communication in the Business at Elite Fashion House - Case Study Example The questionnaire is randomly given to every fifth person off an alphabetical list including both internal and external communicators. After getting the feedback a data is prepared to highlight the different reasons that are causing ineffective communication. It turned out that in internal communication 60% role is played by language and 45% is played by the relationship in making the communication ineffective. While in external communication the causes of unsuccessful conversation are prejudgment 65% and body language 40%. It is recommended that either a series of lectures should be arranged to educate the workers about the importance of effective communication and to teach them how they can develop this skill or to hire a coordinator who will supervise all the problems generating from ineffective communication. Elite Fashion House is a small stitching unit established in 1988. It prepares branded items for the ladies and runs its own showroom. It is doing good business and growing gradually but for the past few years, there is a slow decrease in revenue. The different departments are blaming each other in this context. The initial investigation points out that the roots cause of all the problems is misunderstanding and lack of effective communication. Although this is a chronic problem and the history of communication is never praiseworthy in the past at Elite Fashion House but now the problem is coming to the surface because of the expansion in the business. In Elite Fashion House two types of communication are in vogue, internal communication, and external communication.

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