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Operation Managment Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Operation Managment Exam - Essay Example The paper that is collected from the scrap of paper production units are known as mill broke and the one that has been thrown out by the consumers are known as consumer waste. In this process the fibre is recycled for further production activity. "Fibre recycling is a specialized process in which office wastepaper is used to produce clean, recycled pulp that can be used to make recycled content paper and paperboards." (The Fibre Recycling Process. Paper Recycling, 2000). A Company might face several problems in the stock preparation plant. The papers that come for recycling are from different grades. The paper may be of news print, the one that is used in the offices, magazine papers that are very shiny, papers with plastic coating on it, and other papers that are coloured highly. In order to make these papers viable for recycling several grading and other process are to be carried on it. The grading process in the Stock preparation is a tedious job as there may be a lot of papers fr om different grades. Several treatments are to be given in order remove the waste materials in the waste papers. Therefore, the stock preparation process consumes more time. This tedious work in the grading process is one of the problems in the stock preparation plant. The next process after the recycling of the paper is the paper making process. The paper making process involves a lot of steps after grading. ... The paper is cut down into smaller pieces so that it mixes properly in the water. The resultant pulp is then cleaned through spinning. This cleaning process throws out the waste materials in the pulp. The ink removal process or de-inking is done in order to remove the colours in the pulp. Next the bleaching process is done in order to make the paper brighter. The resultant pulp is then treated in another machine that makes sheets of papers. The following diagram shows the process involved in the recycling of waste papers. (The Fibre Recycling Process, paper recycling, 2000). One of the problems likely to occur in the paper recycling process is at the de-inking step. The waste papers that are treated may be from different grades. Certain papers are highly colourful. More chemicals are to be used for removing the ink of such papers. This involves high cost. "Papers that are waxed, pasted, or gummed-or papers that are coated with plastic or aluminum foil-are usually not recycled because the process is too expensive." (Recycled paper, recycling paper and glass, 2006). If the cleaning process is not done properly the paper that is produced will contain several waste particles that can be clearly seen. Another major problem is that the paper that is produced after recycling differs very much in quality from that of the virgin paper. If any short fall happens in any of the step the quality of the paper that is produced will be affected by it. In what ways would you expect the recycled products to differ from their conventional counterparts What steps could you take in the production process to minimize these differences The paper that is recycled differs greatly from its conventional counterparts that are the virgin paper.

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