Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mitigation and Response Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Mitigation and Response Plan - Research Paper Example The first priority of this program is to protect the America from terrorist attacks and coercion. Second on the list is to ensure secure national borders both the south and the North. Moreover it ensures laws governing immigration are followed to later. This department prosecutes those who go against the country laws. And finally, it assists communities to plan, respond and recuperate from disasters.DHS believes in the homeland security enterprise. This refers to the collective responsibility of Federal, state, local, tribal, private sector entities, non-governmental organizations, individuals and communities to beef up security abilities. These parties share a common interest in safeguarding and assuring security to the American population. Existence of sophisticated communication network between these parties and agencies provides crucial information that step up security measures across the country’s borders (Jean, 2003). Essentially, the ultimate goal of DHS is to ensure a safe homeland where citizens are assured of their liberties and protection of their privacy.DHS is among the most crucial element of the national enterprise. This department possesses unique abilities and responsibilities in securing and managing borders and systems of immigration.DHS undertakes leadership and stewardship roles in areas relating to critical infrastructure protection and emergency management On the other hand, DHS in liaison with other departments and agencies have key roles and responsibilities to undertake on areas like defense, diplomacy and counterterrorism. Some of these departments or agencies include justice, Defense and state, the National Counterterrorism Center and Federal Bureau of Investigation. On policy making, the white house plays a key role in giving direction and helps in coordinating (Jean, 2003). This plan intends to explicitly outline mitigation and response actions towards averting a terrorist crime on borders and the possible measures and effe ctive strategic plan to be embraced to manage risks on the national borders. It is notable that chapter 2, subsection 6 of the USA constitution provides that, the main responsibility is to defend the United States of America and its territories. Some of the risks that face the United States today, include Al-Qaeda and global terrorism, wide-scale cyber attacks, pandemics and major accidents, illicit trafficking and smaller scale terrorist attacks (Jean, 2003). This plan intends to use Al-Qaeda and Taliban global terrorist attack as an example of a crisis in this case study. Terrorist attack has become a major shock wave in the United States of America. Focus on the plan‘s suitability and efficiency on mitigating and responding to the crisis shall be considered. There has been several Al-Qaeda and Taliban attempted attacks on America before and after 11 2001.For instance, on 12 October 2000. Al-Qaeda attacked the USS Cole in Yemen. This incident occurred on the port of Aden. On e year Later this al-Qaeda directed a very serious attack on several buildings in America, which left many people dead. This remains memorable and listed among the worst terrorist attack in the world. After the 2001 terrorist attack, al-Qaeda has since then directed attacks

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