Thursday, December 19, 2019

Analysis Of The Novel House On Mango Street And The...

Entering Adulthood The novel â€Å"House on Mango Street† and short stories â€Å"Zoo Island† and â€Å"The Harvest†, both can be coming of age stories. Since they both tell how one’s culture can separate them from others, in regards to immigrants, and how the Spanish speaking culture is viewed in society. They also show how gender roles are a major key in their daily life, and how their gender roles and cultures are different from everyone else’s culture/norms. Since society impacts immigrants’ views when they first come to America their traditions can become altered to fit the reality in which one hopes for in America. In this case, all these readings show different meanings of gender, tradition, community and kindship to their land and home all in†¦show more content†¦Marriage is mentioned a lot in this novel, she tells how her friend gets married to get away from her family, resulting in her becoming sheltered, unable to have any type of relationship, or freedom outside her home. Her friend Sally married an older man, because she wanted to escape the abuse she received from her father because of her beauty. In doing so she now is unable to have a social life other than being a house wife whose job is known to cook, clean, and make sure that everything is satisfactory for her husband. Since Sally’s husband was said to become violent at times she had to do what her husband wanted her to do. It looks as if she really didn’t escape anything at all, just put into a different situation with another man. Then you have her friend Minerva whom is a teenage mother and has fallen accustom to her husband deserting her and coming back along with beating her as well. Which she also mentioned that with her husband continually leaving, Minerva is a single mother just as her mother was. Here both these young girls are experiencing life as a full-grown adult, however they both do not know how to escape these i ssues they have put themselves in whether they wanted to or not. Esperanza is the person looking in on the outs and she can see that, that is not the life she wants for herself and though she wants to help them both she can’t because she does not know how, and neither do they. Meanwhile observing the commonality her friends Sally and

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